Professional Associations

  • The Prestressed Concrete Institute
  • Professional Engineering and Architectural Associations in the USA and Canada
  • Licensed General Contractors in Iraq as well as North America
  • The Wood Council of America
  • The American Concrete Institute


  • St. Katherine Greek Orthodox Church - Merit Award in Structural Engineering 2009 - Structural Engineers Association of Arizona
  • Consulting Engineers Award of Merit for an 852 foot long bridge over the Skeena River near the BC/Alaska Border
  • Tri-Community Grand Overall Winner for a very large car and truck dealership in Vancouver. This building was singled-out, in particular, as it set the standards bar for projects in a new area of development.
  • Engineering News Record Citation for innovative earthquake engineering of a 40 story building in Vancouver, Canada.
  • South Africa Institute of Civil Engineers regarding the subject of assumed stress hybrid finite elements


  • The Netupsky Engineering Retaining Wall
  • The Bornet Truss (a concrete and steel assembly using materials to their max advantage)
  • Floating, Bouyant Bridges
  • Hydraulic Seismic isolation of structures
  • The “Dy-core Process” for extruded prestressed hollowcore