Infrastructure Projects

Project: Umm Lafaina Bridge 1
Location: UAE
Description: 120m, Three equal 40m spans, Post tension concrete girders

Project: Umm Lafaina Bridge 2 and 3
Location: UAE
Description: Bridge 2: 25m single span, Bridge 3: 52m single span, Prestressed and post tension concrete girders

Project: The Serpent
Location: Connecting Abu Dahbi and Umm Lafaina Island
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Description: 5km Long

Project: Skeena River
Location: NW British Columbia, Canada
Description: Design/Build 4 months, 852ft Span, Winner Consulting Engineers of B.C. Award Merit.

Project: Lions Gate
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Description: 1550ft Suspended span, Widening of 1937 structure to 3 standard width lanes.

Project: Transmission Towers
Location: Baiji - Hadithat, Iraq
Description: 300km for the Ministry of Electricity.

Project: Modular Buildings for Army Corps of Engineers
Location: Baghdad, Iraq
Description: Contractor village, 60 Buildings, Site work, Water and sewage, Pedestrian bridge.

Project: Kings Al Hussein Bin Talal Convention Centre
Location: Jordan
Description: 261,000 Sqft., Design/Construction 7 months, Multi phase project.

Project: Ottawa Civic Centre Stadium
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Description: 30,000 seat grand stand, Hockey arena/Convention center, 200 ft. cantilever.